Glossy Finish for home interior!

Glossy Finish for home interior!

Can I get the same Glossy Finish that I saw in web? 

Glossy finish is a term that is commonly used for shiny finish on cabinet shutters. But glossiness can be obtained through various modes for your cabinets. All the actual completed glossy cabinet image output that you see in the web are not from the same material. There are various glossy finish materials such as:

Lacquered Glass

The premium material with highest reflection (75%) is lacquered glass. These can be used for kitchens, sliding wardrobe shutters, crockery. Maintenance is high since these are annealed glass and are breakable when pointed objects fall on them.

Veneer with Polish

Veneers are 3mm wooden sheets that are pasted on plywood and then polished to get the real wood output. They can be polished using melamine polish or PU polish depending on the budget and your area of usage. PU polish are better lasting and give better output compared to melamine polish. 

Scratch Resistance Acrylic Laminate

Acrylic finish gives very high reflection (50%) and some manufacturers claim that they are scratch proof. These materials come in thickness of 2 - 2.5mm. In general, acrylic laminates are imported and are not manufactured in India and need regular cleaning to retain the glossiness for a longer period of time.

Acrylic Laminate

These basic acrylic laminates are 1mm thick and don't have scratch resistance properties compared to its higher variant but have the same reflection properties. We get a wide range of acrylic designs in this thickness.

PVC Laminates

These are bendable laminates that are actually manufactured from PVC and are 1mm thick. They give seamless output for your shutters but the reflection of these laminates are much less compared to acrylic laminates and are prone to scratches. These laminates are trending since a wide range of designs that suits your taste are available at a very affordable price. Thickness available: 1mm.

Scratch Resistance Tuff Gloss Laminate

These are paper based laminates which are manufactured in India by various brands. "Mar/Scratch Resistance" property of these laminates helps the laminate protect from micro-scratches, which can otherwise diminish the glossiness due to everyday use. Tuff gloss technology gives 3 to 4 times better abrasion resistance than normal high gloss laminate. They are the highest grade of glossy finish paper based laminates and are available in normal grade and uni-core grade. 

Thickness available: 0.8mm for postforming and 1mm for edgeband shutters.

Hi-gloss laminate

These paper based laminates have a good glossy finish barring the scuff resistance compared to normal glossy laminate and can be used for your glossy applications.

Thickness available: 0.8mm - 1.25mm.

Glossy Laminate

These laminates are generally of the least thickness 0.6mm to 0.8mm to give you glossy finish at a good budget. They are least reflective and have a reflective percentage of 20.

I have summarized the above points as a table which will be useful for you to fine tune your requirements. 1 stands for lowest and 7 stands for highest according to the category mentioned.

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