How Zenterior differs from Livspace and HomeLane

How Zenterior differs from Livspace and HomeLane

One of the most asked questions to us these days - Why should I come to Zenterior instead of going to HomeLane/LivSpace?

In the interest of clarifying the point to a broader audience, I am putting together the following points. I am naturally aligned towards Zenterior, but let me try to be as objective as possible.

First, let me list down the things that LivSpace/HomeLane outshines us.

  1. Their PowerPoint presentation is very good. You'll get a 20-page well-designed pdf for an estimate from LivSpace/HomeLane, but Zenterior sends you a 2 page simple and understandable estimate.
  2. Their brand presence is a lot better than ours. We cannot afford to spend a lot of money like them.
  3. Their showroom is a lot better than Zenterior's. Our showroom is very modest when compared to their showroom.
  4. They have dedicated project-coordinators and project managers. But our customers will work with me, Anitha, Surya, and Abhinav.

The following are the points that we think Zenterior is a little better than LivSpace/HomeLane.

  1. Home Interiors is a personal thing and when something goes wrong, people get really upset. When things go wrong, you can directly talk to the partners (Anitha and I) and not to some project manager or the designer.
  2. We don't take 100% of the money before even we start assembly. We let you hold a decent chunk of money till the project is completed to your satisfaction.
  3. We make our quotation as transparent and understandable as possible. You will know where your money goes.
  4. There is no concept of LumpSum in Zenterior. Everything is broken down to the tiniest detail possible.
  5. One of the biggest concerns people have in this domain is the raw materials. We educate you and let you choose any brand of materials that you want for your home. Our 3D tool clearly shows us how much the price is affected even at a small drawer/shelf level.
  6. We are a very small team that works closely with customers. By the end of the project, you will be almost friends with everyone.

There are a few more things that I'd like to list, but it gets boring after a point. I sincerely hope that this explains people understand what's the actual value of Zenterior and helps them make an informed decision on whether to choose Zenterior or not.

One of the worst things that can happen to Zenterior (and for the customer) is to have customers that don't understand the actual value we provide.

"Professional work, Affordable & competitive pricing, Promised delivery, Factory made, Great after sale support. Dedicated team who will monitor the work from measurement to installation."
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