Insider tips to reduce your home interior cost

Insider tips to reduce your home interior cost

One of the primary value adds that we give to Zenterior customers is enabling them to optimize the cost without compromising quality. There are instances where we have educated and helped customers to reduce the price up to 50,000 for a 6L worth project. If you are trying to save around 40-50k on your estimate, the following would be a good place to start with.

Nonetheless, if you are spending more than 10L on your cabinetry, chances are that the following may not make sense to you.

Please note that these following optimizations are possible mainly by reducing the wastage and does not compromise the quality of the materials in any way.

1. Avoid too many colors

One of the most important factors that increase the price is the number of laminate or acrylic colors that you are choosing. The more the colors, the more the wastage of the materails. We give good discounts when you are okay with limiting the number of colors. On the other hand, you should ask the vendor to reduce the price if you are going with fewer colors. This works great for houses that you plan to rent out.

2. Avoid Low width cabinets

If there are too many low width cabinets in a project, the wastage and material usage shoots up. For example, 2 nos of 3.75ft (total 7.5ft) wide wardrobes will take a lot less money compared to 3 nos of 2.5ft (total is the same 7.5ft) cabinets. Basic rule is, the wider the cabinets, the lesser the money.

3. Cut-out unwanted depth in your cabinets

By default, people ask for 2ft depth cabinets. Practically cabinets of depth 1.7ft are sufficient to comfortable keep your things and saves your floor space too. Reducing the depth of the cabinets saves a lot of money. For example, a wardrobe of depth 1.7ft will cost around 4k less than the same cabinet of depth 2ft.

4. Drawers are killers

Drawers are great in terms of organizing the storage, but not that great in terms of the cost. A simple drawer will cost around 2.5k to make. You can reduce the number of unwanted drawers to save some of the money. This works great for houses that you plan to rent out.

5. Short units go deep in your pocket

Avoid short units as much as you can. They suck in a lot of your money similar to the low-width cabients mentioned in #2. A 8ft high cabinet is almost only half the price of 4 nos of 2ft high cabinets.

You can always ask the question - Hey, I pay the price by sqft basis and why do I care?

Though you pay the price by sqft basis, the cost that it takes the vendor to implement the project will vary a lot according to the above parameters. The idea is that, if you are aware of the above parameters you can get a better sqft rate by justifying some of the above things. For instance, if you say that you will choose only one color for a kitchen you will get a decent discount when compared to a kitchen with 2 colors. Try it out.

In Zenterior, we have figured out a way to charge what is exactly delivered at the mm level. You reduce your depth by even 0.25 ft, you will save money. You choose a package will lesser color, you will get better discount. You remove a drawer and you save around 2.5k. Please go through the following video to see how we do that using our inbuilt design and estimate tool.

"Very professional team and very happy with the execution. Zero deviation from the initial quote and they finished the whole job in 15 days."
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