Pocket-friendly ways to furnish your rental home

Pocket-friendly ways to furnish your rental home

Around 1 out of 5 customers that come to Zenterior furnish their home that will be primarily rented out. In around 120 projects that we have done for rented homes till now, we've suggested the following changes in design/material/dimensions to reduce the initial quoted price by more than 25%. 

The idea is how to make the house look well furnished (a lot of difference between making it look well furnished and actually furnishing it well) at a lower price.

1. More frame-and-shutters units in the kitchen below the counter

Your below-the-counter units can have either a full box or a frame and shutter (a 4-inch frame all around with a door). Frame and shutters are generally used for cylinder and sink spaces and cost only half as much as the box types. Instead of having a single door frame & shutter for the cylinder and sink, you can have 2 doors for both of them. In addition to that, you can follow the same thing in the corners also. For a kitchen with a total counter length of 20ft, this could potentially reduce the price by 15k to 20k rupees.

2. Wider cabinets everywhere

Typically people go for cabinet doors with 1.5ft wide (2 door cabinets become 3 ft wide). But, if you can make the cabinets doors around 2ft wide (2 door cabinets become 4ft wide) the wastage comes down drastically. Plywood comes in 8ft length and 4ft width, which means that 2ft wide cabinet doors optimize the usage and bring down the cost. Theoretically, if you have all the doors 2ft wide, you can save around 15% on the budget.

3. Reduce the number of single door cabinets

Cabinet sections are generally broken down into either 1 or 2 door cabinets. For example, if it is a 5 door wardrobe it will be usually 2+2+1 door cabinets. If you calculate the actual sqft price of 1 door cabinets, it will be around 30% more than that of 2 door cabinets. Let's not delve too much into engineering at this point, but the point is, if you want to have 3 door cabinets in both your bedrooms, make it a 4-door cabinet in one room and a 2-door cabinet in another.

4. Go for single color (or fewer colors)

An increase in the number of colors increases the wastage. It not only wastes laminates/acrylic, but also the underlying plywood (or any other boards). For a 3bhk, if you are using a single color it will reduce the price by around 10% compared with using 4 colors. There are some nice neutral colors that will make your house look nice even if all the cabinetry are of the same color and fetch a good rent.

Putting all the points together, you will be able to save a very decent amount of money and still get your house to look very good for rental purposes. If you need to understand the specific optimizations for your home, please reach out to Zenterior.

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