Tips to have hassle-free home interior experience

Tips to have hassle-free home interior experience

Since I see home buyers surfing upfront for home interior firms, there are few points that a homeowner/buyer should know, to have a pain-free home interior experience.

Time of Occupancy

Do not occupy your home at any cost before you get the home furnished. Even if you have factory-finished cabinets getting installed, it involves loads of noise during installation by the assembly team and the packing materials/ waste will be cleaned by the furnishing team once a day or the day when they leave your home. If you plan to furnish your home staying in, your peace of mind will get blown during the assembly process leading to rush up things with your interior firm which ultimately leads to flaws during installation.

Damage in Floor Tiles

Check whether the floor tiles that have been laid are perfect without cracks before getting handed over from the builder as well as before handing over to the interior firm. Also, try to get a pack of floortiles (4 nos) from your builder during the handover. Since these tiles are procured in bulk by the builder, you will not be able to source them locally, in case they are damaged during home interior execution.

Wall Paint Touchup

Interior design work will have an effect on your wall paint that is already done. Scratches, dust, dirt on your wall happen during installation. Hence, you can ask your builder to stop 1 coat of paint before you start your interior work. Big builders will not accept this. Hence, you have to go for a paint touchup or another coat of paint. So plan to get the brand name of the paint(s) used and its color code to have this done separately. Some small-time builders accept to do 2nd coat painting as per your choice.

Type of Brick Used

Get to know the nature of bricks used by builders. Solid blocks and red bricks need not have any special mention. But if your building is built by “miven technology”, your builder will not allow you to chip the wall by the interior team and hence the interior furnishing has to be done without bypassing your builder’s guidelines. If your home is constructed with “protherm bricks”, ensure it is informed to your home interior firm since there are few risks during cabinet installation due to its hollow property.


Don't expect all interior companies except a few to deep-clean your house after installation. Generally, as a practice, cabinets are only cleaned by them. Hire a team separately and get your deep cleaning done.

Safety tip:

For individual homeowners, in case you have already fixed your main door and its lock and if you are very concerned about your safety, plan to change your main door lock cylinder (image below) which is available separately at any hardware shop so that you need not worry about duplicated keys by unknown people who had entered your home during your home interior journey. I have specifically mentioned this for individual homeowners since big builders will have their warranty void for doors if you disturb the main door fixtures provided by them.

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