Tips to have trouble free modular cabinets

Tips to have trouble free modular cabinets

With my modular cabinet experience, I am penning down some of the issues that a homeowner will face after the installation of cabinets. Even perfect installation can lead to nitty-gritty issues.

Soft-close drawer slide closing issue

The soft-close mechanism provided inside the ball-bearing runners is a spring-loaded mechanism that can get worn out quickly on usage which will result in improper closing of your kitchen drawers or other wooden draws. So, go for an undermount channel mechanism which is slightly higher in price than the normal ball bearing side mount slides but very effective and efficient for long-term usage due to their hydraulic soft-close mechanism.


  • Do not push the cabinets shutters too hard to close if the soft-close mechanism is provided by your home interior firm. Allow the soft-close mechanisms to work by themselves with just a soft push to avoid hardware complications and prolong the life of hinges and slides.
  • Use tandem drawers with internal organizers instead of kitchen baskets and undermount slides for your other wooden drawers to fit & forget these post-installation issues.

Sagging of Wall Mount Ledge

Ledges add charm to your cabinets. They seem to hang on the wall without any support. But don't overload the ledges with heavy & bulky materials. They tend to sag and cannot be fixed. You might have to give additional support from the bottom to solve.


Use only lightweight decorative items to avoid sagging.

Rusting of hardware & kitchen wire baskets

This is a common problem that every installer faces. Since the standard hinges and hardware mechanism are not Stainless Steel Grade (but Mild Steel with Nickel-Chromium Plating), they are not rust-proof. If you want to have them rust-proof, go for SS304 grade hinges and side mount slide mechanism. Very few brands have them. If you are buying kitchen baskets, get the warranty from your kitchen installer or shop for the stainless steel grade used.


You will not have any rusting issues if SS304 grade baskets & hardware are installed in your kitchen at extra cost.

Door misalignment

Wear and tear of hinges will lead to misalignment of shutters which will lead to the overlapping of shutters (picture below). These can be adjusted by a locally available modular carpenter. You need not wait for the actual installer to come and fix it. This is one of the major advantages of modular cabinets.

Door Warp

Bigger shutters like wardrobe doors, tall unit shutters tend to warp if made from plywood (even of the highest quality) due to climatic variation. Home interior firms do not give a warranty on the warping of shutters since it is a natural quality of plywood.


Use HDHMR for shutters (only) instead of plywood to reduce chances of bending without compromising on the quality. Also, for big sliding wardrobe shutters, you can have a door straightener fixed inside to avoid warping.

Termite Attack

You cannot find the source of termite in case if they enter your house. It can come through your floor, wall, or even through the ceiling. Even branded termite-proof plywoods get corroded by these insects. Having warranty/guarantee certificates from plywood will not alone solve your issue since you get a replacement only for the plywood and not for the entire cabinet. The glue used, the laminate & edge band pasted, the age of plywood may also impact the attack of termites.


Have your house totally treated for termites before starting cabinet installation else go for materials that do not attract termites such as steel, WPC, PVC if your home is at a termite-prone area.

Foul smell under the sink:

A foul smell arises due to moisture under the sink. Don't forget louvers to minimize this issue and maximize air circulation.

PVC skirting in Kitchen

Many kitchen manufacturers prefer to use removable PVC skirting to enable cleaning of the area underneath the cabinets. Few homeowners are comfortable handling it and some find it difficult to remove and refix the same. Some skirtings remove when your mop bangs against them.


Have fixed skirting instead of removable ones either in PVC or the same cabinet color.

Edge band peel-off

Most of the kitchen & interior companies give a warranty on edge band peeling off if manufactured at the factory.

Mirror decoloring

Mirror decoloring in the bathroom is due to the silver coating getting corroded away due to moisture. The only solution is to replace the mirror.

Cleaning Pro-tip:

  • Use a plain cloth with water/normal cleaning liquid to clean the cabinets. Also, see that you do not use toluene on the hardware installed since it corrodes the Zinc / Nickel coating on them.
  • Do not use acid for washing your floor tiles which will lead to oxide formation on your stainless steel hangers, faucets. This has to be done before fixing the hangers, cabinets, or faucets.

Zenterior, as a practice educates the client on the material and hardware used to avoid a frequent service call from our happy homeowners.

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