Minimal Straight Modular Kitchen
Minimal Straight Modular Kitchen - Design 1

Minimal Straight Modular Kitchen

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A minimal straight modular kitchen that is suited for small kitchens that are less than 80 sqft. Light tones are used with glossy finish to make the kitchen design look a little spacious. If there is another counter on the opposite side, it may cramp up the space and the walking space will not be sufficient. The sink and the hob are next to each other, so the counter space to the right of the hob will be used for chopping, blending etc. Three tandem pullouts have been given with cutlery organizer, cups organizer and plate organizer. If the space is not sufficient, we can choose a lot of space saving organizers to hang the tawas spoons etc. The space next to the pullouts is used to store bigger vessels and utensils. Cabinet with shelves are provided in this design but can be easily changed to a set of tandem pullouts. These pullouts can be left without any organizers to store heavy or bigger items. The handles can be replaced with knobs or handle less design to give it a more elegant look.
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Material Quantity Rate Sub-Total
Zenterior Standard MR 15mm - 8x4
Zenterior Standard MR 15mm - 8x4
Zenterior Standard MR 6mm - 8x4
Zenterior Standard MR 6mm - 8x4
Merino Jaisalmer 21307 SF 1mm
1 nos.
Merino Frosty White 21091 SF 1mm
1 nos.
Merino Warm Gery 21029 SF 1mm