Spacio Modern L-Modular Kitchen
Spacio Modern L-Modular Kitchen - Design 1

Spacio Modern L-Modular Kitchen

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A full gloss L modular kitchen design with ample number of pullouts for better organization. The wall cabinets have lift up units to give a comtemporary look to the kitchen. The frosted glass are optional and can be replaced with Aluminum glass shutters. Since the sink and the hob are on the same side of the kitchen counter, the other side of the counter gives enough space for cutting, blending etc. This color combination is preferred by a lof of the clients for its elegant and minimalistic design. The shutters are of glossy finish, so they reflect enough light to make the modular kitchen look spacious. If you have small or a medium sized kitchen, this design would suit your kitchen.
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"Quality of their interior works is very good and the portal used for design was very useful to finalize the design. Also all the modifications which I told were done correctly. Thanks."
Ramkumar baskaran Ramkumar Baskaran

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Material Quantity Rate Sub-Total
Zenterior Standard MR 15mm - 8x4
Zenterior Standard MR 15mm - 8x4
Zenterior Standard MR 6mm - 8x4
Zenterior Standard MR 6mm - 8x4
Merino Silver Grey 21069 SF 1mm
1 nos.
Merino Silver 99999 SF 1mm
1 nos.
Merino Black Currant 21172 SF 1mm